Why Swelling After Hair Transplant

Just like all surgical procedures, it’s a normal side effect, to see swelling after hair transplant. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure, which may cause swelling of hair follicles, forehead and even eyes. 

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The swelling generally reduces automatically in the following days after surgery, but if not, proper measures need to be taken. 

First of all, let us explain why is there swelling after hair transplant. Head skin or scalp lies over the skull bone. When there is a bone beneath, there is no chance for sweeping to expand inside tissues, it has to expand outside. 

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So its normal to see swelling after hair transplant because the procedure is all about head skin over the skull bone.

In most cases the swelling disappears 4 to 5 days following the hair transplant. There are some tips to reduce swelling after hair transplant… 

The first week is important in terms of impact on the healing process. Listening to your doctor’s advice and fully following what you need to do will help you experience less side effects. Now let’s find out what to do and don’t after hair transplant surgery to reduce swelling. 

1-  Sleep Elevated for the first 7 Days

You must try to sleep elevated for the first 7 days to prevent swelling on your scalp, your forehead, even your eyes. Keeping the head in elevated position by using several pillows under the neck while sleeping will help you to decrease swelling and also reduces the chance of developing any damage to the transplanted hair. 

2- Use your Medications Properly

After hair transplant surgery, most of the doctors give a 5-day steroid pack, which greatly helps to reduce swelling. Use your medications properly as how your doctor recommends. 

3-  Applying Ice Reduces Swelling 

Ice is a very powerful anti-swelling agent. Before and after swelling occurs the first thing you need to do is to apply ice immidiately. You must apply the ice not on the transplanted area, but just above your brows. Its important to catch the swelling early. Its ideal to apply ice, 10 minutes every hour. 

4- Avoid Doing Vigorous Physical Activity

Vigorous physical activity can increase the swelling and the healing process. Your doctor will tell you the ideal time to start your physical activities. 

Before that you must avoid doing heavy physical exercises or activities because it can also cause bursting of the swellings resulting in blood clots and infections. 

5- Massage your Forehead

It is good to massage your forehead from the center to the sides. Massage will disperse the swelling but the massage has to be done forehead, not on the scalp. 

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