When Should I Get Hair Transplant? 

Most of the hair transplant specialists agree that the ideal age for hair transplant is 40 and above. 

Male pattern hair loss is a lifelong event and slows down after 39-40 years. 

Therefore, it should be taken into consideration that hair loss may continue when transplanting in patients under these ages and the patient may need second or third sessions later. 

In the early ages hair transplant surgery must be considered as the last step. 

There are some other solutions for young candidates such as, switching to organic products for your shampoo and conditioner, and to look into preventative medications like Finasteride and Minoxidil which has been proven to stop and even reverse hair loss. 

PRP would also be an option for the ones under 40’s

But, for the procedure sometimes the type of hair loss is much more decisive

If the skin becomes visible that means the hair density has fallen under 50 percent of the normal density. In this case, the most effective treatment to be applied must be hair transplantation. 

As a result, limit for hair transplantation depends on the type of hair loss. 

So you may ask what does all of this have to do with age? The answer is simple: A lot… 

When you’re around your 20s, it’s hard to figure out how to identify what type of hair loss you will experience in the future. 

If you get a hair transplant surgery to fill in a thinning crown too early age, you can experience an island of strong transplanted hair in the middle, as patches continue to fall out around it. 

This patchy baldness will look unnatural because it is unnatural… 

When you once get a hair transplant it’s difficult to correct the transplanted hair. But around your 40’s, it’s much easier to identify the particular balding pattern and get a successful-natural looking hair transplant. 

Waiting for the right time is important because nobody has an endless supply of donor hair. If you get a hair transplant surgery in the early ages that means you will face baldness in the future. 

Because you can’t get numerous of hair transplant surgery. You only have a few credits to completely fill in all of the areas that have lost hair. 

When Should I Get Hair Transplant in Turkey? 

Hair loss negatively effects on both male and females psychology. 

If your hair loss starts to make you nervous than you might start thinking the hair transplantation opportunity, which is currently considered one of the most prominent techniques that provides the best results. 

In Turkey, after an online consultation, hair transplant surgery is planned according to the hair density and the patients age. If you are planning to get hair transplant surgery than Turkey is the right address for you with international standard clinics and hospitals, affordable prices, skilled expert teams.

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