How Successful Hair Transplant Is?

Hair loss is a common problem for both males and females. 

Losing hair and growing new ones in its place is normal. But when the case turns to the loss of hair is more than normal and growth is not compatible with the loss, it is now a factor to worry. 

When it comes to hair loss, hair transplant is the safest and permanent method that needs to be considered. 

“BBC weatherman Simon King opens up about hair transplant success” from Mirror

The questioning about, “how successful hair transplant is”, one of the most questions asked by the people who want to go through hair transplant. 

  • Hair Transplant is 100% successful when done by expert physician/surgeon. Success of hair transplants are measured in graft survival, the results have to be natural looking and permanent. 

  • It’s important to choose the right doctor for a successful surgery. Be sure to review the doctor, before and after photos of his/her patients, read about the technique he/she is using, patient reviews and success rate before you finalise on the surgeon. 
  • The success rates of hair transplant differ from patient to patient. 

All of the procedures are planned personal so the expectations are different from one to another. 

While some patients like to have a full coverage of the scalp the other might have a small area that needs to be covered. What you have to focus is the final look. 

  • The operation’s success or failure depends on the strength of the newly implanted follicles, and the form of the hair follicles during the growth period, also the complications that the patient exposed to.
  • The most successful and commonly used techniques are:· Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or the Strip Method· Follicular Unit Extraction Method (FUE)· Advanced FUE Method (DHT). 

There are only very few clinics that are very efficient in their Hair Transplant Procedures with years of expertise and great success stories to share, be sure to do research the success rates of the surgeon and facilities.

With High Rates of Success, Turkey is The Right Address to Get Hair Transplant 

Patients walk on Taksim square after an hair transplant surgery on May 2, 2017 in Istanbul. AFP / OZAN KOSE (The Peninsula)

There are many good reasons to get your hair transplant in Turkey. 

First of all, Turkey offers affordable and safe hair transplant procedures, with high quality services. 

All of the hair transplant procedures in Turkey, performs by exceptionally qualified surgeons using the most advanced technologies, resulting in the highest quality outcomes.


Turkey has a 1 Billion Dollar hair transplant industry.  Around 5000 patients fly to Turkey each month for hair transplant. 

Reviews from the patients all over the world saying that Turkey is a safe destination to get hair transplant.

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