8 Reasons Why You Must Get Your Hair Transplant Surgery in Turkey

If you are planning to get hair transplant surgery, than Turkey is the right address for you because of many good reasons.

“I Went to Turkey for a Hair Transplant” from BBC News

“I Went to Turkey for a Hair Transplant” from BBC News

Below are 8 reasons why you should consider Turkey for the best hair transplant surgery experience.

Hair Transplant in Turkey is Safe

In Turkey you will find international standards clinics and hospitals, affordable prices, skilled expert teams and experienced patient consultants. With years of experience and positive results in hair transplant field, Turkey offers confidence. 

Turkey is an impressive destination with natural beauties, historical past and culture

Straddling two continents, Istanbul is a city divided by the narrow waterway known as the Bosphorus which connects Asia to Europe.

You may enjoy your time, visit many historical places beside your hair transplant procedures in Turkey/Istanbul. In your Istanbul visit you will have the chance to explore traditional values of the Byzantium period and the Ottoman Empire.

There are many places to see before you leave. “Hagia Sophia” – Aya Sofia museum is considered one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. Grand Bazaar is another popular destination to see. 

There are more than 5,000 shops in Grand Bazaar covering 60 streets. It is an important trading center where you can shop while exploring the historical past dating back to the 15th century. 

Galata Tower, Blue Mosque, Sultan Ahmet, Ortaköy must be in your list to see. Also you may enjoy a daily cruise trip on Bosphorus. 

Hair transplantation is one of the most developed procedures in Turkey

Turkey has 1 Billion Dollar hair transplant industry and each month more than 5000 patients fly to Turkey for hair transplant and return back with the high satisfaction average.

Turkey is a hotspot for medical tourism

Turkey is a hotspot for medical tourism including hair transplant methods such as FUT and FUE procedures.

There are around 180 centers of hair transplantation in Istanbul, including hospitals and clinics. This makes İstanbul the popular destination for hair transplant.

In Turkey most of the clinics have modern accreditations, including JCI

Having a JCI certificate is a guarantee of providing patients with quality medical care. Ask for JCI certificate before you book.

In Turkey there are no waiting lists 

In Turkey there are no waiting lists like other countries (such as United Kingdom or United States) so you can get your hair transplant surgery as soon as possible.

The clinics and hospitals provides the latest technology

The clinics and hospitals provides the latest technology so you will be able to get the newest procedures in hair transplantation field.

Getting Hair Transplant in Turkey is Cheap

“Is hair transplant in Turkey worth it?” from Quora

When you compare the prices in other parts of the world you can easily realise that Turkey provides the most affordable price for hair transplant.

The average cost of a hair transplant operation in Turkey ranges from $2.000 and $2.500, while the same operation in Britain could cost up to $25,000.

In Germany hair transplant prices starts from 6.000 Euro. In Italy a FUT operation costs around 4.000 Euro while in Turkey the cost of a similar procedure averages at 1.500 Euro.

When you compare Turkey to France, hair transplant in France costs are between 5.000 Euro- 12.500 Euro. Getting your surgery in Turkey allows you to save up to 7.500 Euro. 

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